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WHO: Cristina Arboleda Puente & Isabel González Ramírez

WHAT & WHY: Homophobic bullying is the main cause of suicide among sexually-diverse people around the world. In Latin America, 12 women are murdered every day just because they are women. In Ecuador, around 20,000 girls under the age of 14 were forced to give birth between 2009 and 2016. The first step to change the situation is to reveal the level of violence directed at women. So we decided to create a digital media outlet that specializes in research, offers data and explores narratives about sexual rights in Ecuador and Colombia. Our journalism is diverse in voices, seeks social impact and promotes advocacy so that people have opportunities and a life free from violence that targets gender and sexual identity.


WHO: Maria Martha Bruno, Aline Boueri, Lucas Thaynan, Micaelle Moraes

WHAT & WHY: Rio de Janeiro is under military intervention. One and a half million people there live in the favelas and are underrepresented in politics. The recent murder of City Council member Marielle Franco has made this evident. In these communities, people often work two jobs, face daily shootings and other violence, and have no sanitation in their homes. Based on our research, we have learned that the problem of under representation is strongly correlated to a lack of political education. Political education starts with being well informed on the main social debates. PolitiZap is journalism and political education site. We will adapt and curate regular news and turn it to simple images, gifs or one-minute audio files that will pop up in the WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger apps of our users. They will have free, fast and high-quality information on which they can base their political decisions.


WHO: Carolina Braga, Brenda Antunes, Breno Ribeiro e Thiago Fonseca

WHAT & WHY: If you want to buy an online ticket for a concert or a play in Brazil, you have to find the right link or look at least 18 different websites. It’s a lot. Today Culturadoria is an online media project dedicated to curating information about arts and entertainment in Belo Horizonte, southeast Brazil. What Culturadoria already has been doing is offering a choice of art and culture to the North. Culturadoria has been developing software to help a middle- to high-income Brazilian audience find, choose and buy tickets to highly-recommended shows, plays and movies – all on the same platform. We are creating and curating a specialized marketplace for entertainment in Brazil.


WHO: Diana Assennato, Dimitria Coutinho, Emily Canto Nunes & Natasha Madov

WHAT & WHY: Ada was an existing blog for two years before he was put on hold. We are back with them aim of being more than just a blog. Ada is a tech website made by women who want to share their female perspective on topics normally covered from the perspective of men. Currently, tech coverage is non-inclusive, speaking to an the audience is already aware of its subject, which also happens to be men.
Solution: So we imagine ourselves as a safe space for women who want to absorb tech content and have not found a place for that to happen. We would like to pass on our knowledge so that every woman can understand the technology they use on a daily basis. This is an industry where women are still highly underrepresented, so we want to share projects that focus on helping women get into the tech industry. Tech is to big industry and Ada is willing to give women a voice and place.

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WHO: Carolina Nogueira

WHAT & WHY: Peoples’ distrust in politics is only useful to politicians who despise public opinion. Our newsletter will lead readers to understand what’s going on in the Congress and provide a way to act quickly and easily so we can have our voices heard and empower the public in democracy.


WHO: Ana Addobbati & Janaína Lima

WHAT & WHY: We live in a time when time is shorter than ever. Therefore, if you want to capture the audience, information should be offered in a graphic format and take no longer than 5s to be decoded. With haters proliferating in social media – the new battlefield for ideas – and with conversations taking place on these channels that are underpinned by algorithms that connect people who have common thoughts, we have the phenomenon of bubbles of opinion. Leaving the comfort zone to debate in a diverse online space becomes a heroic task. We believe that encouraging these conversations can lead for a more tolerant, empathic and enriched society. And our goal is to make it with fun and educational. Letstalk is a competitive game that will reward the player who has the best debate skills, not the right opinion, based on high score. By rewarding, it is our conviction that we will be able to motivate them. By offering the opportunity to discuss hot topics in the media, we will make it appealing and use the best of the current and available repertoire in society. We will educate participants by driving them to learn in a gaming format how to pose a logical argument, the emotional coefficient and what is expected during a quality debate. By automating the scoring with a bot, we will be able to scale usage and provide a safer environment for residential, school and other environments.


WHO: Jéssica Botelho, Agda Sales, Polyandra Batista & Nathane Dovale

WHAT & WHY: Ajuri Agency is a fact-checking agency. It’s one of the pioneers providing journalistic content based on verified information with content focusing on the Amazon. We believe that verified information creates the foundation for the public to enjoy the right to information and exercise their citizenship. Our goal is to combat, above all, misinformation about the Amazon.


WHO: Mabel Cáceres, Erick Rodríguez, José Luis Márquez

WHAT & WHY: The crisis of the traditional model of journalism based on the sale of advertising space presents a problem. At the same time, it offers an opportunity. After 18 years of doing traditional journalism in print, we have decided to migrate to the digital world. We will innovate the journalism we do and the ways we finance our work by focusing on the audience to guarantee independence. Everything will be new and better, except our commitment to the community of Arequipa (Peru) and the truth and quality they deserve.

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